O’Brien gluten-free beers

For years, I’ve really enjoyed a beer at the end of a hot day. But lately I’ve been steering clear because it always leaves me feeling bloated.

You can imagine my excitement when I came across O’Brien Beer’s range of gluten-free brews. I may have even done a little happy dance once realising it was delicious and refreshing and not a beer bloat in sight!

All O’Brien beers are brewed using sorghum and millet, instead of the usual barley and wheat, making it 100% gluten free.

Based in Ballarat, Victoria, the O’Brien brewery is equipped with specialised brewing machinery, which was built specifically to brew with gluten-free grains. O’Brien beers are also free from any colourings and preservatives.

O’Brien Lager 3.5 is the latest in the diverse range of beers. So you can now enjoy your favourite drink minus the heaviness of a full-strength beer. O’Brien Lager 3.5 is a full-bodied lager with a great balanced bitterness.

O’Brien beers are stocked in over 1000 outlets across Australia and you can also purchase online.

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